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Most homes today have the new tall home assistant devices like the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home Pod and Google mesh networks.  All of these devices communicate with your WiFi router using RF, radio frequency waves, also called EMF.  For people who are sensitive to EMF exposure or just don’t want to be exposed to the EMF these devises emit, you now have a solution to shield yourself and your family.  The new Home Assistant Guard Large is very easy to install and blocks about 90% or so of the EMF these devices emit shielding you and your family. The 10% or so that gets out allows you to still use your home assistant device while eliminating most of the EMF you are exposed to. 

It's easy to install and there are no tools or assembly required.  There is no need to off your device.  Simply place the Home Assistant Guard over your home assistant device and your done!  

The Home Assistant Guard Large is 4 5/8 inches in diameter and 10 1/2 inches tall.

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  • Home Assistant Guard (Large)

    Home Assistant Guard (Large)



  • Diameter: 4½"
  • Height: 10¼"

Home Assistant Guard Installation Instructions

The Home Assistant Guard is very simple and easy to use and will block about 85% to 90% of the EMF your Alexa, Google, Apple or any other smart home assistant device emits.

  • Step 1

    Remove the Home Assistant Guard from the box.


    Step 2

    Place the Home Assistant Guard over your home assistant device.


    Step 3

    Feed the power cable of the device under the slot on the bottom of the Home Assistant Guard.

For help or questions please email us at info@smartmeterguard.com.
Product Data

All talking home assistant device and WiFi mesh networks communicate to your router using RF, radio frequency, waves, also called EMF.  To reduce your exposure we developed the Home Assistant Guard.  The Home Assistant Guard blocks about 85% to 90% of the EMF your home assistant device emits while still allowing you to use your home assistant device.  This is achieved by the metal mesh construction of the Home Assistant Guard that acts as a Faraday cage.  Faraday cages we developed in the mid 1800’s by Michael Faraday and are still used today in all kinds of industrial uses where shielding RF is critical. 


By placing the Home Assistant Guard over your home assistant devices  the RF waves emitting from your device are absorbed and dissipated into the mass of the Home Assistant Guard mesh.  No heat is generated because of the small amount of RF energy and the large mass of the Home Assistant Guard. 


The Home Assistant Guard has been tested with several RF meters including the Gigahertz Solution HF 35C, the TriField TF2 and the Cornet ED88T Plus and shown to block about 85% to 90% of the RF home assistant devices emit.  The 10% or so the gets out enables you to still use your home assistant device while shielding you and your family from 85% to 90% of the EMF. 


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I can literally feel the difference in my house. I am not as tired. I sleep better. My mood is better. Only problem is, I don't like to leave the house because every place else feels crappy! Wow! Thank you! I am sharing your information with others!

You guys are providing such an incredible service to people's health and maybe even their lives. I honestly didn't know if this guard would work. But I was desperate. I can't believe the quick improvement and I am so grateful. Thank you! And I will try to convince anyone who will listen to me to get a guard.

I highly recommend the Smart Meter Guard because I do notice a difference in the quality of my sleep and I have only taken care of one of the smart meters, namely the electric one. Most importantly, I have received excellent support from Karl who has answered all my questions via email plus he is helping me out construct a guard to cover my gas smart meter.