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This is the best product for cell phone EMF protection. It fits almost all smart phones and is simple and easy to use.  The Phone Guard uses the Faraday cage technology built in to its case to block the EMF from cell phones. Cell phones emit EMF when they search for a signal or when you talk on the phone.

For people that don’t want to be exposed to the potentially harmful EMF from cell phones you now have a solution. Once your cell phone is put into the Phone Guard all the EMF is blocked. When your cell phone is in the Phone Guard most phones will not receive calls or text messages. However, as soon as you take your phone out of the Phone Guard all your texts and phone messages will download. 

It also has a separate pocket to conveniently carry your credit cards or cash.   This protects your credit cards from being hacked and double as a small wallet.

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  • Phone Guard Testing

    Phone Guard Testing



  • Width: 3.65"
  • Height: 6.5"

Phone Guard Installation Instructions

The Phone Guard is very simple and easy to use and will shield you from about 99% of the EMF your cell phone emits. Please follow these simple instructions for putting your cell phone in the Phone Guard

  • Step 1

    Open the top of the Phone Guard by gently pulling the Velcro seal open.


    Step 2

    Once the Phone Guard is open slid your cell phone into the “inner” pouch of the Phone Guard.


    Step 3

    Once your phone is in the Phone Guard close the top flat and seal with the Velcro strip.  You’re done!


    Step 4

    Once you take your phone out of the Phone Guard all your texts and messages will download to your phone.

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I can literally feel the difference in my house. I am not as tired. I sleep better. My mood is better. Only problem is, I don't like to leave the house because every place else feels crappy! Wow! Thank you! I am sharing your information with others!

I highly recommend the Smart Meter Guard because I do notice a difference in the quality of my sleep and I have only taken care of one of the smart meters, namely the electric one. Most importantly, I have received excellent support from Karl who has answered all my questions via email plus he is helping me out construct a guard to cover my gas smart meter.

You guys are providing such an incredible service to people's health and maybe even their lives. I honestly didn't know if this guard would work. But I was desperate. I can't believe the quick improvement and I am so grateful. Thank you! And I will try to convince anyone who will listen to me to get a guard.