Our Story

We are EMF Experts who take pride in Our American Made Products.

Smart Meter Guard was formed in 2012 because of the huge demand of people not wanting to be exposed to the Radio Frequency, RF, EMF emitted by utility smart meters.

Smart Meter Guard researched the science behind smart meter radiation and the material science that electrically blocks high frequency radiation. Our engineers have over 20 years experience in working with high power RF systems have a thorough understanding of how RF works and how to block it. By understanding the physical and electrical properties of smart meter radiation we were able to develop the “Smart Meter Guard” that blocks over 98% of the EMF radiation emitted by smart meters both inside and outside the house. The Smart Meter Guard is the best protection from smart meters.

Don't settle for cheap Chinese made or low quality copies of the Smart Meter Guard. The Smart Meter Guard is the first and only high quality and tested shield that blocks the smart meter RF emissions. If you don't see a live video of a shielding actually blocking RF then most likely it doesn't.

The Smart Meter Guard fits all the smart meters in the US and Canada.

Smart Meter Guard is located and does business out of California.

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