Phone Guard

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This is the best product for cell phone EMF protection. It fits almost all smart phones and is simple and easy to use.  The Phone Guard uses the Faraday cage technology built in to its case to block the EMF from cell phones. Cell phones emit EMF when they search for a signal or when you talk on the phone. For people that don’t want to be exposed to the EMF from cell phone you now have a solution. Once your cell phone is put into the Phone Guard all the EMF is blocked. When your cell phone is in the Phone Guard no calls or text messages will come through. As soon as you take your phone out of the Phone Guard all your texts and phone messages will download.


  • Blocks all the EMF from your phone
  • Easy to use and light weight
  • Can use it to put credit cards and money in
  • Fits cell phone 3 ½ inches wide and 7 inches tall or smaller
  • Blocks EMF when you are on the phone

Phone Guard Installation Instructions

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