Gas/Water Meter Guard

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The Gas/Water Meter Guard uses the Faraday cage technology and the efficient material to block RF waves. Utilizing a Nickel/Cobalt coated fiber, the Gas and Water Meter Guard blocks over 98% of the RF emitting from smart gas and water meters. This dense, Nickel/Cobalt material is capable of blocking RF at an average of 80 dB across a wide frequency range, higher than any other material. The pure metal material is very corrosion resistant and will withstand the harshest weather conditions.

From a physics stand point a Faraday cage does not allow the high frequency electro magnetic waves to pass through the parallel lines of the copper material due to the field effect whether it is grounded or not.

Does the Gas/Water Meter Guard fit your gas or water smart meter? Gas and water smart meters are manufactured in many different shapes and sizes. The Gas Meter Guard is 9 x 7 x 4 1/2 inches and is meant to cover the clear or grey plastic box mounted on the metal gas meter housing and is designed to adjust to fit almost all sizes of gas and water smart meters.  That clear or grey box, sometimes mounted on a wall, is the RF transmitter.  

If your smart water meter has a wire that goes to a box mounted on the wall then that is the RF transmitter and that's what the Water Meter Guard needs to be wrapped around.

The Gas/Water Meter Guard is simple and easy to install and will last a long time.

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  • Gas Meter Guard

    Gas Meter Guard



  • Length: 9.0"
  • Width: 7"
  • Depth: 4.0"

Gas/Water Guard Installation Instructions

The Gas Water Meter Guard is very simple and easy to use and will shield you from about 95% of the EMF your smart gas or smart water meter emits. Please follow these simple instructions for covering your smart water or gas meter with the Gas/Water Meter Guard

  • Smart Water Meters:


    Step 1

    For smart water Meters place the Water Meter Guard over the entire smart water meter.


    Step 2

    Once it is over the smart water meter cinch the draw string to hold it in place


    Step 3

    If your smart water meter has a wire that goes to a small box on the wall then that is the transmitter and you need to cover that box with the Water Meter Guard.

  • Smart Gas Meters:


    Step 1

    For smart Gas meters place the Gas Meter Guard over the clear plastic box mounted on your metal gas meter housing.


    Step 2

    Once it is over the plastic box cinch the draw string to hold it in place.


    Step 3

    Your metal gas meter housing blocks the EMF out the back.

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I can literally feel the difference in my house. I am not as tired. I sleep better. My mood is better. Only problem is, I don't like to leave the house because every place else feels crappy! Wow! Thank you! I am sharing your information with others!

You guys are providing such an incredible service to people's health and maybe even their lives. I honestly didn't know if this guard would work. But I was desperate. I can't believe the quick improvement and I am so grateful. Thank you! And I will try to convince anyone who will listen to me to get a guard.

I highly recommend the Smart Meter Guard because I do notice a difference in the quality of my sleep and I have only taken care of one of the smart meters, namely the electric one. Most importantly, I have received excellent support from Karl who has answered all my questions via email plus he is helping me out construct a guard to cover my gas smart meter.