I got my Smart Meter Guard yesterday and installed it. Looks 
great. Thank you very much as my wife and I stated this morning
feeling really good as we slept very well last night. The first
time in ages, the meter is on the outside of the house wall near
our bedroom. Thank you again.


I installed the SMART METER GUARD & the Router Guard as soon as they arrived. My husband and I both woke up the next morning without a head ache! We also only woke up once during the night and were both able to fall back asleep. So far our nights have been much more restful with uninterrupted sleep. Thank you so much for this excellent product!!! ... and fast delivery too!


I want to tell you guys that I am very happy with the Meter Guard.  I wanted to wait long enough to know the effects I was no longer feeling were true.  Prior to receiving your Smart Meter Guard, I would become little dizzy 2 or 3 times a week and had headaches 4 times a week.  In the last 6 weeks I have had 2 dizzy spells and headaches have been cut in half.  I am a Type A workaholic so I expect those to continue to a degree.   Thank You!


You guys are providing such an incredible service to people's health and maybe even their lives. I honestly didn't know if this guard would work.  But I was desperate. I can't believe the quick improvement and I am so grateful. Thank you! And I will try to convince anyone who will listen to me to get a guard.

I am feeling much better after having installed my meter guard yesterday! Thank you, thank you! 


2 years back I bought 2 router guards and have tested them with my emf meters and they work great!_


You are my hero! Thank YOU for letting me know how your guard works by SHOWING meter readings before and after installation. AND, sharing that your mother could install it! Those 2 things convinced me 'enough' to place my order. I measured my smart meter readings before and after installation. Wow! I was stunned! In a good way! Before: spikes up to 1,287.0 mw/m2, average: 00.85 After: spikes of 11.0 mw/m2, average 00.20 Also, I appreciate your responses to comments posted here. It's apparent you aren't a rip-off artist out to make a buck


You can post this testimonial, as every word of it is true:

The Smart Meter Guard has saved my life or at least my ability to live with electricity. I was ready to disconnect. I'd gone so far as to purchase a gas fireplace and have a gas line put in for a gas stove. I'm still glad I did those things, but now I don't have to go all the way, which means live without refrigeration, electric lights, a washer/dryer, an automatic garage door opener (that was going to be the hardest thing to give up) and an Internet connection. I was preparing myself to live without all of those conveniences just for the sake of survival. Within one day of the Smart Meter Guard being installed, my symptoms disappeared - no exaggeration! My limbs no longer feel prickly all over and I can breathe easily. Previously, I was in pain constantly and found it hard to breathe at times. Obviously, my sensitivity is extreme - I can only use a computer for short periods, even though I don't have WiFi. Living with extreme hypersensitivity to EMR is a challenge, but the Smart Meter Guard has made it so much more bearable. Before God, in all honesty, I can say that I was preparing to live without electricity. Now, I don't have to. A huge "thank you" to everyone who had a part in making and distributing the Smart Meter Guard!    The solution is so simple and ingenious.


Hope all is well in CA. Got the Smart Meter Guard installed the other day & just received my HF Analyzer (model# HF 32D) today, and let me tell you that the guard works perfectly!! The power Co. meter zaps out a burst of RF about every 15-20 seconds or so (about 19-20,000 on the scale.) Of course I did not have any doubts about your guard. Thanks, this guard really does the job!! BTW, you are my new best friend!!

Thanks for your prompt reply...I have been telling my co-workers about your Smart Meter Guard, sharing with them the link to your website, etc. and will probably check their meters with my RF meter... You are our Hero....

Both products have been an answer to prayer. Easy quick installation of both and what a difference in how the environment feels. The guard on the outside of the house has been through four NW Iowa blizzards this year with winds up to 50 miles an hour. The guard withstood the elements beautifully. Inside guard on the water meter was so easy to install, nice packaging. Thank you so much for talking through the details with me ahead of time as I was concerned our utilities manager would question the guard. No problems whatsoever. Thanks again for these innovative products!!!!

I have spoken to every neighbor and each has said they will get your guard. Maybe I should be a rep for you! :)

Thanks for the info; very helpful. Glad there's people like you out there figuring this stuff out.

Thanks, so much for your timely response. I sooooo appreciate this!! Looking forward to receiving this Smart Meter Guard!! Thanks so much for this most needed invention!!

I recently bought a Smart Meter Guard from your organization outfitted to fit a Southern California Edison smart meter with a lock surrounding the meter, I am very happy with my meter guard and as I have said before your company is the only one that I have seen that offers a viable solution to the problem of RF Radiation emitted by Smart Meters, I hope that you stay in business for years to come.

I just placed an order for another Smart Meter Guard for a friend who doesn't use the computer. Now that I'm confident in your guard, I'm going to spread the word. I cannot possibly thank you enough for this invention of yours. I was dying a slow, miserable death, and am now beginning to get my life back. I know it's going to take a while because there was so much damage done, but with God's help, and a little diligence, we'll get there.

Thank you for inventing the Smart Meter Guard! When it is on the meter we feel much better. I have told a few friends about your guard, and I'm sure you will hear from them. They said the same thing that I said when they got on your website. They look like such nice men and honest too. Thanks for listening. What else have you invented?

The fact that we felt better with the Smart Meter Guard on and had more energy when the guard was on, and that now we are noticeably worse again with it off, shows us how beneficial the guard is for our health! Thanks again!

You are the best! Ok great. Let me start sending this around to everyone I know. It looks like the easiest solution I've seen. Thank you!!!

My friend purchased one and now has it installed. Loves it!

Thanks for the advice and for what you do. It is really important work. I know so many people who don't even know what a smart meter is and that is scary to me. I developed insomnia after moving to our new house and tried everything to fix it. I then got a head to two body rash. It wasn't until about a month ago I looked at our meter that was on the exact opposite side of the wall that I slept on. Literally it was where my head rests. The scary this is was is also my baby’s room and where my baby was co-sleeping with me. He seems to be ok but I just can't imagine the long-term effects these meters will have on everyone. Keep up the good work. :) I will tell everyone I know about you guys.

Thank you sooo much! Keep up the good work! :)

Thank you for the excellent customer service!

Thanks so much and for coming up with this unique system!

Your smart meter guard was easy to install. The energy already seems a little more grounded in my bedroom now.

I highly recommend the Smart Meter Guard because I do notice a difference in the quality of my sleep and I have only taken care of one of the smart meters, namely the electric one. Most importantly, I have received excellent support from Karl who has answered all my questions via email plus he is helping me out construct a guard to cover my gas smart meter. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for giving me the lead for Smart Meter Guard in the first place.

You have been taking good care of my client and I thank you. I want to put a link to your site on my next newsletter. I have a number of Canadian clients.

Am sending this info along to our 3 kids and recommending they get one or we will get them one.

Thank for designing such a product. There are so many voiceless of us out there who suffer from wireless technology. I do what I can to educate and spread the word about products that are actually effective. Thank you!

I was so happy a friend gave me your website. I want to order your Smart Meter Guard I have spoken to others about also joining me in this. I plan to go to all my neighbors and see if I can get them to get a guard for there houses also in order to cut down that much more danger for our neighborhood. Your video is very good and your information is clear and simple.

I just wanted to mention that I first saw your Smart Meter Guard on-line quite a while ago. I had such a good feeling about your integrity and honesty that I knew I could trust your product. I felt that same kind spirit in your e-mail and also in your response to questions on Youtube. This was a large purchase for me, but your Holiday Special made it possible. Thanks again for offering such a valuable product to the public. May your sense of service come back to you 100-fold.

Over this past year, I was experiencing brain fog and dizziness, forgetting normal routine actions in home, walking from one room to next, couldn't remember why walked in there. Could not get to sleep, finally when drifted off, experiencing waking up at 3:13am every night could not get back to sleep. Want you to know, that not at any time in my life has anything ever disturbed my sleep, could sleep thru storms, dogs jumping on the bed, etc. Since guard has been installed, have had no problem going to and staying asleep. Have not had brain fog, no dizziness, not forgetting anything -- things are normal again!

Can't thank you enough for making me, and everyone aware of the highly toxic smart meters, and for making a solution.

Thanks you guys are great! I am going to tell more people about you! God Bless the work you do to protect us!

Thanks for coming up with this, brilliant!

Many thanks for your personal and informative reply!

I wish to express my gratitude for your integrity and honesty. In this world these qualities are becoming quite scarce. It is very appreciated to encounter an organization still functioning with these values.

Hi Guys! I contacted you a while back telling you about my wife and I having health issues because of the smart meter. I told you that we had been bleeding because of it. Well I bought one of your Smart Meter Guards and we have not had any problems since. I was wondering if you have developed anything to protect people from Cell phone, WiFi or Microwave radiation?

Wow thank you so much if my husband doesn't order this smart guard next week I will. Thank you so much for taking the time and explaining everything to me.

I thought you would like to know about what took place today in my house. I have been talking to different people about your product. One of the guys that I told, wanted to bring his RF meter and test it for himself so he came over today. Before we went out they turned on their RF meter and already it was picking up, well we had the WiFi on so I went to turn off the WiFi and the RF meter went all the way down. This RF meter was not like the one your show on your video, it had a yellow light and a red light and would go up and down measuring the amount and then there were numbers that you can use to know exactly what amount but I just looked at the lights. So then I checked the microwave oven and it showed strong measurements through out the whole kitchen, living room and down the hall and the microwave oven is small. So out it goes!!!! Then we tested the cell phones which were not putting out very much and we were all surprised about that. I have a G3 I phone, older model and a flip phone that we tested and neither of them put out that much. Then we went to the smart meter and I took off the Smart Meter Guard and the reading was very high, when I put the Smart meter Guard back on the lights went down to the bottom so they saw first hand that it worked.. So then we went inside and we tested the laptop. Laptop was not putting out very much but the WiFi modem was. So I took the Smart Meter Guard and stuck it over the antennas and it cut the EMF radiation down to almost nothing. I could still use Roku, which is a little box with a bunch of movies and TV Channels that needs WiFi to work, and I could still use my laptop. So I thought that was awesome. You should look into creating something to place over the antennas of these boxes also something like a little flat desk for your lap with the mesh material wrapped around it for the laptops. You guys are the engineers keep going with what you know and the material you are using.

Well that is about all that happened but I thought you would like to know since it was the product you all invented that brought this information to me. Know I know what to do at my house to make it more EMF free.

I've left the guard on all week and all data shows up now (minus the most recent two days). So thanks! Happy customer!

God bless you and all you do to help all of us in combating Smart meters.

I can't even tell you. We did the analyzer reading and it was saying 4 or 8 instead of over 2000!!!! I was so excited and relieved that I almost burst into tears. Thank you for helping so many people to be supported and not have to go through the health issues I did.

THANK YOU! Want you guys to know....since installing the Smart Meter Guard I am now sleeping 3, & 4-hrs. at a time (even 5-hrs once).

It has been almost 4-yrs since I moved into to this house that has a smart meter. I was waking up every 90 minutes like clock work--so blatant that my sleep cycle was artificially being interrupted.

I can only begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have discovered your product ...and what a difference it has made in my well-being! I had been researching all this time for a resolution to the smart meter dilemma. I was directed to a Youtube video that had the same old...'put the foil on the wall' suggestion. Intuitively, my attention was drawn to your video. No mistakes!

I can literally feel the difference in my house. I am not as tired. I sleep better. My mood is better. Only problem is, I don't like to leave the house because every place else feels crappy! Wow! Thank you! I am sharing your information with others!!

I love your product and find it a credible alternative to the tagging of my account as an opt out account and then paying whatever amount BEG determines as a penalty for protecting my family!

I commend you and your organization in making my purchase a satisfying one. I work as an insurance broker and very much understand that success is all about going above and beyond to provide added value for my clients. Its all about client relationships. You have made me feel important from our first communication and I value my relationship with your company.

I don’t mean to sound like the poster boy for satisfied customer but, your Smart Meter Guard I purchased was very nicely made, I was truly surprised at the awesome craftsmanship of it, Good job guys!

This is my third purchase of a guard. They seem to work well. Thanks. I'll also be ordering the gas meter guards when they come out.

I am glad you made something like this available. Very good idea. It's ridiculous things are put into place that doesn't help mankind. I do not want to open another can of worms :). I think the guard is the best solution to the problem.

I am so grateful for your product and that it provides a solution to a very negative health impact from these meters. We are referring many people to your web site I received and installed your smart meter guard today - and practically fainted with relief. Then my husband installed temporary water meter shields as you describe below. More relief. I can't thank you enough -- it felt like my heart was plugged into a wall socket for the entire week since the Petaluma water company installed their smart meters. My neighbor is ordering from you tomorrow, and I'm highly recommending to all my friends...

Hello Smart Meter Guard, Thank you for the informative replies you have posted here to the many questions I myself am asking ... and thank you for providing a healthy solution to a problem that many of us are also experiencing here in British Columbia, Canada. BC Hydro is finding ways to enforce the not-to-intelligent-smart-meter upon all citizens and it looks like I may end up having to "accept" one eventually. I am extremely sensitive to EMF's (and yes, to bee stings also!) and it is reassuring to me to know that there is a product out there which will help to eliminate the dangerous RF exposure of a smart meter. I am thankful to read you ship to Canada. I will likely be ordering one in the near future. Oh, and I just checked out your Smart Meter Guard Facebook page and am also impressed with the quality of it; I will be sharing it with fellow BC citizens who are concerned with the effects of the sm. Well done and do keep up the good work. Sincerely, from BC, Canada

Many Blessings to you for your work! Especially here in Florida, were they put the homeowner in Jail if we block or don't comply to them being put on our homes! I will be forwarding this information out to the Smart Meter groups we have here, including on my website at www.DrinkToHealing.com if you allow me the approval to do so.

Thank you for the response. I followed your instructions and was relieved to see that it works!!! YaaaaaY!

I can now return my heart to grateful feelings I initially had----thank you! I was more patient with the second testing and found the short bursts of transmuting that occur every 20 second or so. I noticed also that when I took the guard off and stood there testing, my heart had palpitations and I began to get a headache that persists even now, 30 minutes after I conducted the test. I wish only that I could afford to sneak and put the guard on everyone's smart meters. …or better yet, that the utility companies would get 'smart' and stop using them.

I appreciate your excellent customer service and efforts to protect us all from harmful EMFs, which I know effect everyone differently.

I tested the cover. It works! Thanks.

This email is to update you on the outcome of the incident regarding the threat I received by Nelson Hydro via a Bylaw officer on July 9th. In a subsequent meeting with Nelson Hydro's general manager, Alex Love, as well as operations manager, Dan Geissler, it was agreed upon that the meter guards currently being used by residents in Nelson, are in no way tampering or interfering with the meter. After inspection at our residence, Nelson Hydro stated no objection and approved the use of the guard that we have in place. Although the smart meter guard is a temporary solution, it gives those suffering from the effects of electromagnetic radiation some reprieve while in their own homes.

Thank you so much for answering my questions so promptly. I will be so thrilled when you come out with a Guard for gas meters! You are providing a terrific product.

WOW!!! You’re so kind to answer me very quickly and with so much details! Thanks you so much!

Thanks Karl! What excellent service you have! Thanks Karl! That makes sense! Appreciate the info and quick response! Great and very worthwhile invention! Wish you great success!

Hello, Karl! You are one of my heros.... After losing my beloved husband to this technology from HELL, and being as close to death myself as I ever care to be again, I bought 3 of your smart meter guards right after you went up on youtube. My neighbors and I have been very happy with them. There's no doubt in our minds that it saved my life, and I am forever grateful to you. I would like to see you make a gazillion $$$$ on this!!

Thanks for your product…. we need people like you to help us in our lives.

So far every electro sensitive person I know who has one of your Guards really feels better. Yay!

The other people we know who were having issues related to the RF meters installed on their homes (migraines, headaches that started almost immediately) have both purchased your Smart Meter Guard and those symptoms went away immediately.

My husband cannot be in a home without the Smart Meter Guard on it without having a severe reaction (headache, pulsing muscles, etc) so that is why we purchased 2 - we have brought our extra one even on vacation to the cottage to cover the meter there and we bring it to people's homes if we visit.

It is a great product, my husband is just extremely sensitive to RFs as well as EMFs. Thanks again for the help.

I'm very, very happy with the smart Meter Guard. I actually get sleep now. Total answer to prayer!! Blessings from above to you and your business. I will share the meter guard info with people that will LISTEN.

This second Meter Guard is for my daughter’s house. My Grandson has Autism and he did not cover his ears since I put the smart meter guard on the meter at my house. This is why I need to get one on my daughter’s house.

I received my guards last week and have to say I love them! Not only do they give me great peace of mind, but amazingly, have reduced the annoying hum in my home by about 90-95%. I'm barely even aware of it anymore! More importantly, I'm sleeping much better, headaches have gone, and feel less stress knowing we are now largely protected from harmful radiation.

I finally got to experience one of your Guards at a client’s home. She is near an installation of three smart meters, but even sliding your Guard over one of the three was a difference I could feel. Very cool.

I enjoyed and gained a lot of info watching your video concerning the Smart Meter Guard and protection...I liked how your product is simple yet gets the job done!

Thanks for your informative reply and links you provided...they all really helped me! I am really impressed with your product and will be purchasing one soon!!

Thank for information about how to measure RF. When I measured again from 4 ft. away as you suggested, the readings were more accurate and when I reinstalled the Smart Meter Guard, found that it worked most excellently. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

Thank you for the amazing customer service!

I noticed the difference immediately. I used to wake in the middle of the night with a "buzzy" caffeine feeling. Since installing the guard, I have not experienced another one of those nights.

Hey, I just got my Smart Meter Guard, fits? How very cool, excellent, innovative product, and great service, too. I will tell the others... ~: )