Smart Meter Guard - Smart meter shield blocking RF/EMF radiation, smart meter blocking and smart meter protection

The Smart Meter Guard (Made in the USA!) is the  first and most effective product to block EMF radiation exposure from smart meters.


Using the proven Faraday cage technology the Smart Meter Guard is the first smart meter protection shield that blocks 95% to 98% of the EMF, electro magnetic field, emitting from smart meters safely, is affordable and installs in seconds.   This is the only product on the market that shows real time video data blocking EMF before and after installation of the Smart Meter Guard. The Smart Meter Guard  blocks the EMF emitting from your meter both inside and outside of the house with no extra shielding or grounding needed on the inside of the house!  Beware of crude copies "Smart Meter Cover or Tachmeter" that are low quality Chinese made copies that leak EMF, see our video showing them leaking.

 The Smart Meter Guard has been successfully installed on and blocking EMF exposure from smart meters for over 7 years on thousands of smart meters all across the US, Canada, Mexico and Guam.  The Smart Meter Guard will last 10 to 15 years if not longer unlike other cheaper  copies on the market that don't last long.

Please be aware of crude Chinese made copies of the Smart Meter Guard and Tachmeter.  These crude low quality copies actually leak RF since the people that copied our Smart Meter Guard know nothing about RF.  This means if you get them you will still be exposed to RF.    The Smart Meter Guard is the original invented and designed by us, everything else is a low quality Chinese made copy.

Benefits of the Smart Meter Guard

-  Blocks smart meter EMF radiation inside and outside the house.
-  Safe, no drilling or grounding wires needed.
-  High quality stainless steel construction lasts 10 to 15 years if not longer.
-  No extra shielding needed on the other side of the meter like other products.
-  Beware of cheap copies made in China, they leak EMF and still expose you.

-  Easy to install/no assembly required.

-  Portable so you can take it with you if you move.
-  Fully tested and proven to block 95% to 98% of the EMF emissions with real data!  See our video

-  Does not require extra shielding behind the meter.

- Does not need to be grounded to block RF.

      Video Demonstrating EMF being blocked:

      Block Smart Meter EMF Radiation – Now!

      To develop the Smart Meter Guard we took a purely technical approach.  By understanding how RF, radio frequency, works and our engineers having a background in RF technology we were able to develop a custom Faraday Cage guard that blocks the RF radiation emitted by your smart meter. 

      For those people who do not want to be exposed to the EMF radiation emitted by smart meters the Smart Meter Guard blocks this radiation completely, simply and cost effectively, even inside the house.

      Blocks EMF exposure inside the house as well video!

      The Smart Meter Guard blocks the EMF at the back of the meter and does not require extra shielding at the back like other cheap products.  Adding extra shielding behind the smart meter is complicated and expensive.  This video demonstrates the Smart Meter Guard blocking EMF emissions inside the house at the back of the smart meter.

      No Assembly Required

      The Smart Meter Guard is shipped completely assembled.  It's taken out of the shipping box as one piece and is ready to install on your smart meter.  No grounding wire or assembly required like other cheaper products.

      Installation: The Smart Meter Guard is taken out of the shipping box and simply put over your smart meter.  Once it's placed over the smart meter you can tighten the securing screw slightly to make sure the Smart Meter Guard fits snugly.  It's that simple and it works!

      Smart Meter Guard Construction (made in America!)

      Each Smart Meter Guard is a high quality product that is constructed of high grade stainless steel meshing.  It has three stainless steel support rings that are spot welded to the stainless steel meshing for support and strength.  In addition, it has a stainless steel vertical support beam that is Helli ark welded to the two stainless steel rings. Lastly, it has a securing screw clamp with a stainless steel bolt for securing to the base ring of your smart meter.  This holds the Smart Meter Guard on in high winds and prevents anyone from pulling it off.

      The use of 316 stainless steel means the Smart Meter Guard will stand up to the constant UV exposure from the sun, extreme climates and won't rust or corrode in the worst weather conditions.

      What smart meters do the Smart Meter Guards fit?

      The Smart Meter Guard fits all smart meters in the US and Canada.  It does not fit smart meters in Australia, New Zealand or some parts of Europe.

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